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In order to achieve attractive, distinctive printed matter, it is absolutely essential that all disciplines in the design and production process are well coordinated.

The choice of a format, a paper type and the binding method all have an influence on costs, but also require proper coordination with the designer. The choice of paper, for example, has a direct influence on the way in which images are prepared for printing. Because NPN has the knowledge for this coordination, we are happy to help you with this.

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Working together as a basis for success

As a result of our collaborations with many designers, we at NPN print on many different types of paper. Paper types that all have their own special characteristics. Smooth, rough, thickening, extra white, recycled or with a special pressing. Paper that gives your expression a character of its own.

Let us inspire and advise you. Then we will show you that the end result can be more than the sum of its parts! Not only do we like that very much, we are also pretty good at it!

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Printing processes for NPN Drukkers


NPN is one of the few printing companies in the Netherlands that still has its own lithographer. Good lithography is often indispensable to produce a beautiful and predictable end result. The basis for high-quality printing is laid particularly in the preparation.

High-quality lithography is at the basis of good printed matter. Our lithographer delivers masterpiece in terms of colour, image processing and profiles. NPN Drukkers strives for optimal results by choosing the right white dot, ink coverage, resolution, profile use and sharpness.

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For many clients, our DTP studio is a valuable addition. Here, we check the delivered material and support customers in the delivery process. Our expertise prevents costly mistakes and improves results. Because we have creative DTP colleagues, we can also help you to create a creative set-up for different expressions.

Download Joboptions

If you deliver a pdf made with our joboptions, we can process the pdf directly. If you do not deliver in standard 4 colors, please contact us for the correct joboptions.


Printing, a craft carried out in a modern way. Our printers know their trade and get the best images from their presses on every type of paper. Of course, today's printers have access to modern equipment that helps them to produce efficiently. However, it is not possible to mechanise the feeling that they put into their work. Of course we also use the ISO standards, but within the space that this standard offers we strive for the best result. NPN's Staccato 25 grid gives the most critical clients a guarantee that images will be extremely sharp on paper without loss of detail.

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The aftercare of conventional and digital printing takes place in the After Press department. Ask us about the advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques that NPN Drukkers uses. Choose a reliable, austere technique, or rather a solution that is aesthetically pleasing. Because folding, shivering, stitching, gathering, punching or preaching is easy to say, but sometimes a little more difficult to create. The added value of NPN Drukkers is flexibility and unprecedented expertise.


For NPN Drukkers the handling or fulfilment of DM campaigns is a daily job. This applies first of all to enveloping (addressing, franking, folding and packing) and shipping directly from the press. But also for additional manual services such as assembly or (re)packaging. The extra security offered by NPN is that the packaging is tailored to the possible vulnerability of the content. The nature and scope of a campaign is irrelevant. It is about the short turnaround time, accuracy and reliability of the shipment.

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about our service stock


NPN Drukkers provides its clients with a fully automated system for stock management and delivery of all printed matter. This system guarantees the availability of current printed matter on demand. In addition, the client keeps track of the stock in real time via an online portal. Completion and delivery take place on the basis of agreements. The logistics system is set up to be supplied within 24 hours of notification. This also applies to the client's branch offices.


High print runs reduce unit costs? Old trade laws fade over the years, especially when it comes to personalized printed matter (in text and images) and limited editions. NPN Drukkers quickly assembles, prints and ships.

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Wondering what we can do for you?

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