Marc Gijzen, the profession of a lithographer

Marc Gijzen is a lithographer and helps us on a regular basis to ensure that our projects result in beautiful end results. We really appreciate the cooperation with Marc and are happy to introduce him to you in this interview.

Cooperate with NPN Drukkers

"Our cooperation is very open and honest. We value each other and I now know almost everyone who works there. I have even developed a friendship with some of them. You get to know each other in a different way.
When I'm at NPN Drukkers I can walk around the building freely. I don't feel like a visitor, it really feels like family. The atmosphere is nice and I feel very much at home. That is not the case in every printing company. 

At NPN Drukkers they dare to be very inquisitive. They give me the space and we have already experimented a lot together. This printing company is always one of my first choices when I want to try something. Printing gets all the attention there. For me, that really is an enormous added value."

- Marc Gijzen, lithographer

A lithographer, what is that?

"In short, I optimise visual material for print. That consists of two parts. The first part is technical. I ensure that the images are processed in such a way that they become predictable in the production. By this we mean that we know how the colours will turn out on the paper. The paper type is always taken into account, as it has a major influence on the final print result. 

Then there is the content part. Here I work in the image to make sure it looks good. For a book or brochure, for example, it is important that there is a line in the images we use. The colours must match and there must be movement in the images. The power of the printed matter must come across well. I sit in between designers, artists and printers and bring everything together."

My work as a lithographer

"I prefer to be there early in the morning. Then I have my focus time where I work on my projects. In the morning, I work on the images and in the afternoon I go and organise. I then have contact with clients and partners and carry out press checks. The latter is very important. Setting up the press properly is of great influence on the final result. We choose a basic setting and go from there. That is always a great moment, you see the printed matter being born. I am also often present when a production is presented to the public. I really enjoy seeing the reactions."

What makes me happy

" Watching and working with images. As the son of an artist, I learned that at a young age. It is fascinating to see how images work. It is this creative side that appeals to me so much. Besides that, I really love paper and ink. That is why I once started working in a printing shop. A book has to smell good!

I also enjoy working together. I often sit together with photographers and artists. They are critical and naturally want their work to be well presented. By looking and listening with empathy, I make sure that the end result is exactly what they have in mind."

I am not afraid of a challenge

"Every production is different in terms of execution, choice of paper and size. You always start from scratch and look at how it can be presented optimally. The whole interplay remains a challenge every time. That makes it refreshing. The subjects are also different each time, which means that I have to think again and again about how I can best express the subject. I like these challenges, by the way. They ensure that I can be and remain creative and that my work is never a standard trick."

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