Introducing: Martijn Kicken

"In order to give good advice, it is important to listen especially carefully to our customers."

´As a graphic consultant, I think with our clients about the total picture of their production. Making a book is actually a kind of puzzle consisting of all kinds of pieces. Those pieces include, for example, the choice of paper, the binding method, but also the target group and the logistics of a production. The more we clearly discuss these pieces beforehand, the better the puzzle pieces eventually fall into place." 

To advise is to listen

"In order to give good advice, it is important to listen to our customers especially carefully. I ask lots of questions and find out step by step what they want. We look at examples together and discuss the possibilities. It is then up to me to turn what we have discussed and what the customer has told me into a valuable production. This, working with people, and connecting people with each other is what I enjoy most about my job." 

Started to press

"I started at the printing press. Then I went through all facets of the printing process step by step. I worked at a book bindery for seven years. So now at NPN Drukkers I can combine all facets of the process. I have known this printing company for quite a long time and it is a fantastic team with driven people. It is fun to use my knowledge within this team to ultimately get the most out of our work." 

Always a place for printing

"Printed matter stimulates all your senses. Besides looking at it, you hear the crunch of the paper and feel it glide through your hands and smell the typical scent of the book. This is in contrast to digital communication. Several studies have found that students learn easier from a book versus digital, but also that the content of a book is often seen as more truthful. Moreover, print is a lot less bad for the environment than is often thought. 

I think there will always be a place for print in the future."

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