The value of lithography!

NPN printers is one of the few printers in the Netherlands to have its own lithographer who digitally optimises images. There is an increasing diversity of images due to the amount of equipment. Digital lithography ensures balance and consistency in image quality. 

What is lithography anyway?

Lithos is Greek for stone. The word lithographer still refers to the time when an image or a text was printed with ink via a stone. So the lithographer put the statue on the stone. Now we use the computer, which makes the image files for the printing press.

So we're talking about digital lithography. This is a stage in the production process, before final offset printing. The quality of photos, slides, texts and drawings are optimized by a lithographer. Various technical aspects such as 'white point, resolution / scaling, profile use, RGB to CMYK conversion and sharpness' are applied to the supplied images. Files are also adapted to the choice of paper. Because every type of paper reacts differently to the printing process. 

Good lithography is the basis.

Professional lithography is essential to achieve optimal printing results. Each image is individually adjusted. Our clients are mostly photographers, designers and publishers, with whom we consult closely about how to reproduce the atmosphere and appearance of visual material. The foundation for high quality printing is laid in the preparation. 

Clients often prefer uncoated paper because it looks and feels natural. Yet they do not choose this paper. The overall picture is still that the printing result on uncoated paper is disappointing: dark, clogged images without detail and tinting strength. 

But lithography increases the choice of paper types so that printed matter becomes distinctive. By means of paper collections from all over the world, we can offer interesting choices.

Come and see the result!

In recent years we have printed many 'Best Dutch Book Designs' for national and international clients. Come and have a look at them! The result of the lithography is clearly visible on the basis of these books. And would you like to know if your current printing can be improved? Then make an appointment at NPN! 

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