Emergence Magazine Vol. 4 - Shifting Landscapes

215 x 282 mm portrait
Insert: 170 x 240 mm portrait

272 pages inside + 2x 4 pages cover
Insert: 8 pages

Cover 300 gsm Arena Rough Natural
A) 144 pages inside 100 gsm Eos 2.0
B)92 pages inside 100 gsm Lessebo Design Smooth 1.2
C)16 pages inside material 150 gsm Magno gloss
D) 12 pages inside 60 gsm IBO
E) 8 pages inside 90 gsm Terraprint gloss
Insert: 60 gsm Melo

Cover 5/4 full color + PMS172U, LED UV
A) 32 pages inside 2/2 in PMS 172U and black
A) 52 pages inside 1/1 in black
A) 12 pages inside material 4/4 in black, PMS172U, 2582U and 877
A) 24 pages inside material 4/4 FC
A) 8 pages inside material 4/4 in black, PMS 3272U, 172U and 2582U
A) 8 pages inside 2/5 in black + PMS 172U/ FC+PMS 172U
A) 8 pages inside 5/2 in FC+877/ black + PMS877
B) 32 pages inside 5/2 in FC+ PMS 072/ black + PMS 072
B) 36 pages inside 1/1 in black
B) 8 pages inside material 4/4 in FC
B) 16 pages inside material 4/1 in black, PMS 172U, 2582U and 877/ black
C) 16 pages inside 5/5 in FC + PMS 172U
D) 12 pages inside 5/5 in FC + PMS 072
E) 8 pages inside 5/5 in FC + PMS 877
Insert: 3/3 in black, PMS 172U + PMS 3395

Sewn embossed with hotmelt glued spine front cover embossed and foil printed white and back cover embossed, insert: stitched

Insert inserted at fixed position

Design: Studio Airport, Utrecht

Lithography: NPN Drukkers, Breda

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