Please introduce yourself: Ron Baartman

Although we provide specialist and professional work, the company culture remains informal'.

"Within NPN Drukkers , as technical manager, I am the proverbial spider in the web. One of the things I like about my role is the variety of work I do. Among other things, I am responsible for quality control, monitoring the planning and managing the technical team. I am involved in every project from the moment the order comes in until it is delivered to the customer. I have contact with customers, the team, but also with suppliers. One day is not like another and that keeps my work exciting and challenging.

- Ron Baartman, Technical Manager

Planning, controlling and directing

In the morning, I make a tour of the print shop to see what has been printed that night. I check whether the planning is still correct and whether any problems have arisen that need my attention. I then discuss my findings with the team. We also go through the daily planning, so that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done. I also discuss our planning in the office. Here, we look at the upcoming projects; are there any changes? Do certain materials or ink colours need to be ordered?"
I am also present in the print shop to supervise the projects from A to Z and to support my colleagues with various issues. 

Nice developments

I have been working at NPN Drukkers for four years now. I am very proud of the developments we have made in the past four years. The arrival of the new LED-UV printing press, for example, has created a whole new way of working. These days, we also do a lot of work abroad and we are building up a reputation as a specialist printer there too. It is great to be involved in this. 

Fine company

At NPN Drukkers there is a friendly atmosphere. As soon as you enter, it immediately feels like a family business. It is a flat organisation with an open-door policy. Despite the fact that we deliver specialist and professional work, the company culture remains informal. Everyone is treated equally and we help each other when necessary. I myself occasionally help out in various departments, for example, when it is extremely busy. Because I have been working in the graphics sector since I was 15, I can help out in virtually any department. Everyone can be themselves at NPN Drukkers , which makes it a pleasure to work there.

Working with people

One of the challenges in my work is working with people. Not everyone needs the same approach and I like to feel what someone needs. By managing people in an appropriate way, I try to bring out the best in them. That certainly contributes to the pleasant working atmosphere at NPN Drukkers."

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