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A few months ago I came into contact with the Zusss design department. My colleague Sandra, a big fan of Zusss, had placed an order and received a catalogue.

Zusss is a lifestyle and fashion brand that was founded 10 years ago by the sisters Femke van der Hoef and Sietske van Hartingsveldt. Zusss is basic, tough, unique and a bit stubborn. This is reflected in all the articles designed by the Sietske and Femke sisters themselves. The collection consists of Living and Lifestyle items.

We could see that attention had been paid to the design of the Zusss brochure, but we felt that the printing quality could be improved by using appropriate lithography. After telephone contact, it became clear that the vision and ambition of NPN printers and Zusss with regard to the production of high quality and distinctive printed matter were very similar.

During our introductory meeting, we proposed to print a number of images from older print production in the form of a press proof, but only after we had lithographed the images in the right way for the chosen type of paper. Where the images in previous productions were dark, grey and clogged, we printed them in a contrasting, fresh and detailed way.

The result was so much better than what was delivered in the past, that they have made the switch to NPN and the first productions are on their way. In addition, we have already been able to contribute to the development of productions that are likely to be included in the Zusss range in the future. We are very happy with this cooperation and proud of the fact that Zusss has chosen us as its printing partner!

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