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How do we distinguish ourselves from other print providersNPN Drukkers?

We are not an "internet printer". History has shown that there are plenty of suppliers and that being trend-setting is not always the best choice.

We have a clear profile and are also very clearly looking for the customers that suit us. It also works the other way around. Potential customers know where to find us and challenge us and ask us for advice. Because that's what makes us stand out from our competitors.

Often people don't know exactly what they want in advance, but by consulting with each other, a framework is created that the product has to comply with. These include paper types, special lithography, special binding techniques, distribution, etc. You can make use of our expertise, often supported by a dummy to give the final product a face. You get a feeling and the foundation is laid.

Extensive quotations are made; our knowledge and skills are shared.

However, we regularly use these quotations with various options to request quotations elsewhere.

In itself, I can also imagine this. Finally, they want to benchmark or are curious about other providers. But in the end, only on the basis of price to place the order somewhere else, I do have trouble with that. With the, partly because of us, invented specifications.

A lot of time has been put into the project to figure out the details. Sometimes we also searched across borders for suppliers in order to offer the best possible service, and suddenly we are left empty-handed.

Of course, budgets are important, but also excellent support. The lithography can be adapted to the screen. Check the open files for executability. At the start of the printing process, you can come and watch the press at a pleasant time and celebrate the joyful moment of the first printing sheet. Receive the complete book folded for binding etc. This kind of thing can't be expressed in monetary terms. I can't name all of them in an offer either.

But clients can also suffer direct damage as a result. You get a slightly different product. Other paper. Wrongly used image profiles. Or you just have to upload a PDF that goes into the press without any control. Binding that doesn't look tight. Or images per page not adjusted to ensure, for example, that beautiful 5 mm all-round edge. Maybe, without you knowing it or even wanting to, it will be printed abroad.

The disappointment is there and you've got something you're not happy about.

I would like to point out that I certainly understand the sometimes limited budgets, but that (potential) clients also need to realise that it is not just about the best/advantageous price.

And the realization that there can be big differences in the offered quotations without you realizing it yourself!

Even if the price differences are sometimes substantial, there are also plenty of solutions that can be devised to operate within a budget. Think of adjusting the size, reducing the number of pages, still a slightly cheaper paper, a slightly different form of binding to think of; without significantly compromising the quality of the product. I would therefore like to convey my saying "speaking people are helping". So make it clear what you want and just speak openly about the goals you have. Just mentioning the amounts can also be very enlightening.

A car with full options for the price of a standard version also fails at the car dealer. But you'd have read it in the ad.

Hope to see you soon and you're welcome!

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