Komori Lithrone G40 LED-UV

Brillianter printing.

Designers, artists, photographers and other creatives are becoming more and more part of the clients of NPN printers. This target group has a number of things in common, including the desire to be distinctive. Need for colour strength. But also the preference for tactile paper. Mostly uncoated. With these types one experiences more the feeling of paper.

The disadvantage was always that these types of paper absorb a lot of ink. There was a risk of blemishes and transfers when the densities were increased and due to the drying time required, short lead times were also a challenge.

From now on, however, this will be a thing of the past at NPN Drukkers .

With the arrival of the new LED-UV machine, the ink does not "suck" into the uncoated paper, but stays on top of it, as it were. This makes printing even more powerful and contrasting! At the same time, no more dispersion varnish is used, which still gave the printed matter a certain odour, which is not appreciated by everyone.

Anti-metallic powder no longer needed.

An additional advantage is the total absence of anti-metallic powder. The press and the printed matter produced remains much cleaner.

Better for the environment and shorter lead times.

LED-UV consumes up to 80% less energy and produces 60% less CO2 than conventional UV lamps, but is still more powerful. The LED units produce neither ozone nor heat, so the necessary extraction that you have with UV lamps is not necessary either. All in all, better for the environment". So there is no drying by evaporation of solvents or carbonisation, as is the case with conventional offset inks. This also allows printing on a wider range of substrates, including plastics. LED UV drying: 'The ink is immediately completely dry, which means that the printed matter can be further processed immediately, which has a positive effect on our lead times.

Shorter set-up times, better ratio between fixed and rotating costs!

The press also has far-reaching automation, which means that considerable savings can be made on paper. The entire furnishing process is also faster, which means that a smaller proportion of fixed costs need to be calculated for orders. This has a particularly beneficial effect on orders with a smaller print run. And the trend nowadays is that print runs are lower than before. The machine also consumes less ink on average than a conventional press.


So the machine delivers very high quality printed matter. For some types of paper, we recommend having the image material lithographed correctly (by us) for an even better and more predictable printing result.

The press also has a camera, which checks each printing sheet for printing imperfections. So you can be sure that there are no more "misprints" in your print runs.

Creative freedom

Finally, the creative freedom of clients is also increased because we can now also print in offset on multiple substrates, such as plastics, cast-coated papers, sticker materials and cold foils. A full colour image in combination with cover white on a coloured paper type is also possible. This enables us to help clients to make their expressions even more distinctive!

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