Long live the paper!

We download our newspapers and magazines, fill diaries digitally and write down the weekly messages on our mobile phone. More and more postcards are being sent by post and we hardly send any letters anymore. Focused on a more efficient lifestyle and driven by managing our hurry, we focus on reducing hassle. We've got so much to do.

More than ever, we need moments of rest. By using our mobile phones, we are always available and the distinction between work and private life is blurred. Everything is intertwined. It is logical that we occasionally long for an offline existence in which nothing has to be done and we free up our time for the things that really matter. For example, reading a book in which our imagination is addressed by stories on paper without it being filled in digitally for us beforehand. Paper and ink therefore play an important role in slowing down and enjoying. Whether it's the weekend newspaper, the book on holiday or the product brochure on the couch, in all cases the tantalizing experience of paper is unrivalled and in combination with the smell of ink unbeatable. No tablet experience can compete with that.
This is one of the reasons why I am convinced of the value of print for the future!

If you really want to make a difference in printing, then contact the paper and ink specialist for inspiration.

NPN Drukkers Breda has everything it needs to get image and text on paper in the most beautiful way possible. My knowledge and experience guarantee a surprising choice of materials!

Share your challenge with me and send me your request via [email protected]. The first ten reactions received from us anyway the book "Not For Sale". An inspiring reference book with never-before-published artist's photos in the deepest black and on paper made of 100% cotton fibre.

And it's not for sale...

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