3 reasons why print still works

Years ago, the discussion flared up: will printing continue to exist in this unstoppable shift to the digital world? A landscape where cost and speed are important drivers and where print is seen as time-consuming and expensive. In short, print is losing ground to the digital landscape.

In some respects, that is. Because the truth is that the power of print media is underestimated. Good print still works, provided it gets the chance to prove itself. 

NPN Drukkers gives 3 reasons why print is still not inferior to digital marketing and why they can reinforce each other. 

1 - Distinctive character

How can you distinguish yourself with printed matter? Simple: through content and form. Because when have you ever held a beautifully finished brochure in your hands? And we're talking about a brochure. But think about a catalogue, a magazine, cards or a book. And all that on carefully chosen paper, and possibly with beautiful photography. In short, printing makes you unique. Especially with finishing such as foil printing, die-cutting or a special binding. With professional and high-quality printed matter, you distinguish yourself from the rest!    

2 - Printed matter you keep

Online, you keep clicking and you're already several pages further. Without actually having looked. You are easily distracted by advertisements and other call-to-actions. There is no focus. You put a physical magazine or book away for a while and then pick it up again. Printed matter is something you keep. You might even put it on the table as an accessory, because the spine or cover of a book is so beautiful. Printed matter therefore has more attention and emotional value.   

3 - Printed matter is impressive and personal

The digital world is practical. A quick look-up on the Internet, an app to friends and family. It has a fleeting character. Printed matter is much more personal. Because what could be nicer than receiving a physical card? The feeling that someone has made an effort. That way, printed matter leaves a lasting impression!

Going beyond print services

Despite these arguments, it is a challenge to compete. We know that print is effective, but it is difficult to measure. But it is the combination of print and online that creates a wider reach. But most people need some help with that. It is more important to look further. How can you use both printed and non-printed communication for your brand? Be creative. NPN Drukkers uses their knowledge to show customers how they can make an impact with print. We go beyond the order, ask questions and make suggestions. We advise and think along with you about how you can use print, so that it works.  

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