Best Dutch Interior Design HOOG.

The project shown is by Mariska Jagt.

Best Dutch Interior Design

Imagine you're looking for refreshing ideas for a new house to build. Or on a smaller scale, a new interior. Chances are your search for inspiration will start on the internet. But at the same time, this inexhaustible source of information can also hinder you. For example, because of the stress you experience because you may overlook what may be important to you. Ultimately, too much information is the killer of an inspirational search for solutions. An internet platform can then offer a solution. Information is filtered by relevance and presented clearly. is one of those places where architects and leading companies who design living together get a stage. All in digital form. And yet something is missing. Something with even more visual and, above all, lasting impact. A counterpart to all the overwhelming digital violence. An unchangeable and tangible statement that creates lasting memories and increases visibility in places other than the Internet, while at the same time generating income. Together with we have developed this statement. It has become the Michelin Guide to Dutch interior architecture. So it's a book. A monumental and refined object in which the top of the interior world gets an analogous stage. And just like the Michelin Guide, a place in this book is not for sale, you have to be selected for it. This makes the concept even more convincing.

Beautiful book full of inspiration

To make the book an extension of a beautiful and luxuriously designed interior, we have put the finishing touches to the "i". With preservation of tinting strength and sharpness, our in-house lithographer Wim de Heer's efforts have resulted in a fantastic reproduction of interior photography on a soft, tactile and open type of paper. The use of highly pigmented Japanese inks and sophisticated grids, which have had an even greater impact, is a novelty in the world of high-end interior books.
The fact that each book also has a unique number on both the top and bottom of the book block, has never been shown before and is therefore a first. Everything is aimed at optimally expressing our craftsmanship. Just like the execution of the fantastic designs from this interior book!