Making choices

If you are a music lover and you buy a very good amplifier, connect it to very light boxes because they are so cheap. Or when you build a new house in 2019, do you only put glass in it because it saves costs? I don't think so. I think you need to make choices that follow each other logically.

In my daily practice I speak to many people who buy printed matter or have it made on behalf of their company. Printed matter, the product that we at NPN printers produce every day with craftsmanship and ambition. In many cases, the focus of customers and/or prospects is on what printing costs. From a cost point of view and because of the lack of knowledge regarding the many possibilities that exist when making printed matter, many people ask for the standard 13 in a dozen solutions. An A4 or A5 brochure, a standard mc, staples in it. Standard specifications that are easy to compare.

The result of this is reflected in an average stock market. Anyone who visits there will have noticed that many leaflets and brochures, catalogues all look largely the same in terms of appearance. While I have always thought that companies want to show customers and prospects how they distinguish themselves from their competitors. Often, considerable costs have already been incurred for the development of a commercial printing expression before it goes to the printer. Just think; the costs of product development, the costs of an advertising / design agency. Costs of photography and copywriters. These are all investments that have already been made when the file still has to be sent to a printing works.

In my opinion, print should be seen as an investment and, from that point of view, an effort should be made to make it as unique as possible. There is as much as possible in the field of paper, formats, finishing, bindings. And no, it doesn't always have to be much more expensive. However, it does require clients to look for a creative printing company that thinks along with them. A printing company that doesn't necessarily want to make only standard material, because that simply goes through its production quickly and efficiently. But a supplier who is looking for the question behind his customer's question. Who pays attention to the possibilities and also guides his client. How do you optimally prepare your images when printing on thickening uncoated paper? Material that is described by many as the most beautiful paper, but many do not dare to choose it because they are afraid that the result will not be beautiful. An unfounded fear but you have to take some time for it, as with all beautiful things in life, and be prepared to align all the steps in the production process with each other in a good and logical way, with people who are good at it and who also enjoy doing the good things right.

At a time when almost everyone in a business environment is being thrown to death with digital information, where many people have a day's work to keep up with their mailbox and a lot of digital information is so fleeting that it hardly gets any attention, I am convinced that a nice mailing, a special booklet or a brochure with an exceptional cover can stimulate the senses even more, that in this way your message will stick better and thus the investment will yield a higher return. I wish you beautiful printed matter!

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