VanGogh Sketchbook 1 Spread

You can't get any closer to Van Gogh

When Els Kerremans of Typography Interiority & Other Serious Matters approached us to produce a faithful reproduction of Van Gogh's four only remaining sketchbooks, we naturally immediately embraced her question. This question makes an ultimate appeal to our knowledge and craftsmanship. And what an honor to be invited to such a prestigious project.

By involving us in the process of development at such an early stage, this implies that we have literally been at the cradle of a collaboration that has ultimately resulted in a convincing and imaginative end result. The process was supported by detailed image documentation and the possibility of experiencing the originals only a limited number of times, without touching them, in a highly secure space at the Van Gogh Museum. You can't get any closer to Van Gogh. We have always been aware that every detail, no matter how small, is essential in order to achieve a credible reproduction.

Schreurs Van Gogh Sketchbook 4 Facsimile
Schreurs Van Gogh Sketchbook 3 Facsimile
Schreurs Van Gogh Sketchbook 2 Facsimile
Schreurs Van Gogh Sketchbook 1 Facsimile

The development time

The development period? By circumstances, less than half a year. And our added value? On the one hand, to help put together the project team of Dutch companies and craftsmen (25 in total) on the basis of our knowledge of techniques and materials. On the other hand, devising the right printing techniques to get the sketches on paper in charcoal, pencil and ink, just like the original. And this on two types of uncoated paper specially developed for these facsimiles. In the end it turned out to be a print in six colours. In which a blue- and also reddish black in combination with a tinted varnish, play the leading role.

With hindsight probably a 'once in a lifetime project' with as extra bonus a rich experience through the inspiring cooperation of professionals from different disciplines.

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VanGogh Sketchbook 3 Spread
VanGogh Sketchbook 2 Spread
VanGogh Sketchbook 4 Spread
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