Calendar printing

Have your calendar printed by a true specialist. NPN Drukkers has a lot of experience with high-quality printing for a wide range of purposes. We regularly print books for our customers, we are involved in the realisation of magazines and catalogues and at the end of the year, we also print many calendars. 

At NPN Drukkers we like personal contact and are very involved in your project. We like to deliver exactly the product you have in mind, and that requires good cooperation. 

Would you like to know how we print your calendar?

Advantages of calendar printing at NPN Drukkers

Those who have a calendar printed themselves are often bound by standard formats. At NPN Drukkers nothing is too crazy. We can deliver your calendar in any format, on any type of paper and with any type of binding. We are happy to show you the different possibilities for your calendar in person. This way you can feel, smell and experience how your calendar comes to life.

Another big advantage of having your calendar printed at NPN Drukkers is that we work with a lithographer. A lithographer is someone who specialises in converting digital images into printed images. What your photos and images look like on paper depends very much on the type of paper that we have decided on together. Our lithographer will convert the digital file of your calendar so that the printed version matches the digital version as closely as possible. This hardly ever happens anymore these days. So we are quite proud of that.

Create your own calendar?

Making a calendar is often a nice and personal gift for relations and clients. It can be a good way to ensure that your brand is top of mind with your client. A calendar is also a nice gift for your own employees. 

Calendars are often placed in places where many people come: in a lunch café, on the shop floor or near the toilet. This means that everyone will see your calendar. So you want to make a calendar that really gets seen. That is why we at NPN Drukkers are happy to help you make the best choices for your calendar.

The power of NPN Drukkers

- Passion for print

- Fair price

- Personal is really personal with us

- FSC certified

- Content knowledge

- Specialists on staff, including a lithographer and DTP staff

- Flawless handling and processing

- Stock control and print delivery

Sustainable printing: FSC® certified

Responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship is alive and well at NPN Drukkers. In the graphics world, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures responsible management of forests. This relates to the economic, ecological and social functions that forests fulfil. The wood that is processed in the production of paper with the FSC label is guaranteed to come from FSC-certified forests. NPN Drukkers contributes to responsible forest management by using FSC paper wherever possible. In that case we are also authorised to include the FSC logo in the layout.

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