The impact of print media

"I love to maneuver in colorful company. What do I mean by that? No day is the same at NPN Drukkers. In the morning I drink - so to speak - a cup of coffee with a designer or photographer and in the afternoon I sit with the fire manager and marketeers of a large company. While I'm on location at a publisher the next day, I make another appointment with a buyer for the day after. The goal: to share my passion and show what impact printed media has on online.

- John Timmermans, Account Manager Marketing & Sales

The rise of print

In today's digital world, the power of printing is sometimes underestimated. But it is precisely the cooperation of online and offline that creates conviction. Print is on the rise again; more and more people are looking for the ultimate combination. The fact is that online is a great way to communicate with each other, but people still want to be approached offline. That will never disappear. And that's exactly what I like. The one is inextricably linked to the other.

The right result

It is logical that it is sometimes difficult for customers to tell what they really want. It's up to me to coach the customer. What is the objective? I think it's very important to ask questions and give advice. Where you normally deliver files to a printer and wait for them to be delivered, at NPN Drukkers we try to think along with you from step to step on the way to the right result. Thanks to our expertise in creation and technology, you won't find a 'you ask, we run' principle with us. We take the customer on a journey together".

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