For this remarkable project, there was a true focus on adding value and realising a joint qualification. The result can be experienced by holding the manalogue (a combination of magazine and catalogue) in your hands. The pleasingly different and international-looking format, the simple yet remarkably stylish paper used for both the cover and the interior, the tactile experience of the soft-touch coating and the beautiful way in which this manalogue opens all combine effectively with the balanced design created by Judith Klijn and Wilma Tichelaar.

The lithography, which we handled with exceptional care from start to finish, and the extremely deep black used in the printing process make this product a visual joy that will entice (potential) consumers to make a purchase at Montel. This is what happens when a co-developing producer, a developer and a client trust each other completely and share their specialist knowledge and expertise – all within the predefined economic limits. The 124-page manalogue is published annually in a print run of 100,000 copies.

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