We are passionate about creating beautiful and unique printed matter that allows you to stand out from your competitors. Publications that present your organisation or product in a different light. After all, printed matter is supposed to help you realise your objectives. We often see clients choose standard solutions. That is a shame, because a bit more coordination, attention and advice can make all the difference.

To create beautiful and unique printed matter, all disciplines involved in the design and production process have to be properly coordinated. The size, paper type and binding method you choose all affect the costs of the project, but they also require coordination with the designer. For example, the choice of paper directly affects the way in which images have to be prepared for printing. NPN possesses the requisite expertise and we are happy to help you make the right choices.

Because we collaborate with many different designers, NPN prints on a wide range of paper types, each with its own unique properties. Glossy, rough, bulky, extra white, recycled or with a special pressing: the choice of paper helps determine the look and feel of your communication.

Let us inspire and advise you. In return, we will prove to you that the end result can be much more than the sum of its parts! We not only love doing that, but we are also quite good at it!

In practical terms, colour management refers to the printer’s efforts to align the graphical end result with the expectations. In other words: it is about the predictability of the printing process.

NPN safeguards and manages the printing process with a well-balanced colour management system. Using fully developed profiles makes the use of images and colours predictable and manageable. NPN can realise in print exactly what is shown on the calibrated monitor. Depending on your wishes and the situation at hand, ISO-certified trials or test prints on the actual paper support the realisation process.

NPN Drukkers believes in responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship. In the graphical sector, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) oversees responsible forest management all over the world. This management pertains to the economic, ecological and social roles that forests perform. The timber processed during the production of paper bearing the FSC label is guaranteed to have come from FSC-certified forests. NPN Drukkers contributes to responsible forest management by using FSC-certified paper whenever possible. When we do, we are also authorised to use the FSC logo in our designs. Read more about this at www.fsc.nl.

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