In the spring of 2017, we were asked to come to the Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam to discuss the Foam magazine. We had recently finished the book Ville de Calais by photographer Henk Wildschut and a copy had made it into their hands. This was not the first time the Foam had heard good things about our organisation. They wanted to organise the production of their magazine in a different manner and we were asked to submit our offer within certain frameworks. The costs are important, of course, but our primary concern is how we will work together to realise the project as intended. This involves multiple internal and external parties, including the editors, graphical designers, photographers, lithographers, curator, paper supplier, binders, etcetera.

After several meetings, we reached an agreement. In July, we kicked off the production of the Talent Magazine 2017. This meant we had to hit the ground running, because there was a major exhibition in the museum and all the talent had to present their materials. We handled the lithography ourselves, which posed quite a challenge due to the many different types of paper involved. On top of that, photographers can be quite a critical sort.

Our collaboration was excellent from the very beginning and the first print trials were soon finished. In this case, we opted to use EOS paper for the trials, because it posed the biggest challenges in terms of bulk and colour. The first trial was virtually perfect. For the coated paper, we made some digital colour trials that met every expectation immediately.

The end result is a 296-page catalogue printed in FC with an additional fluorescent colour. The cover, featuring gold foil and a glued spine, reveals its text only when the sections are properly aligned.

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