One of the projects we are most proud of is Caldic Connection, the publication Artists Books from 2007. It was designed by Opera Ontwerpers Breda, Ton Homburg.

NPN Printers had just relocated to its new building. We were eager to do more work for graphical designers and create beautiful and unique books. That wish quickly came true. We were asked to handle the lithography and printing for the publication Artists Books. The book is about artists’ books and it breathes that special atmosphere. The collection is by Mr J.N.A. van Caldenborgh, the instigator of Museum Voorlinden. My contact for this project was Suzanne Swarts, the current director of this museum.

The catalogue about the Artists Books shows a collection of different artists who once published a book. Some only exist as unique copies, while most have a print run of a few hundred copies. This catalogue included publications by Joseph Beuys, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Joan Miró, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Marius Bauer and Marcel Broodthaers, among others. In total, ninety books were presented across more than 360 pages. Some books were a joint effort by two artists, while some artists published more than one book. All in all, it was a truly amazing collection.

This book is unique in its composition, the combination of different types of paper from the Munken collection, the finishing with a complete embossing across the entire cover with the book titles and a subtle touch of white foil. A prime example of beauty through simplicity. In other words, it made for a successful presentation that we are extremely proud of to this day, as well as a true collector’s item!

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