Print can be smelled and felt. When it’s done properly, with knowledge and creativity, printed matter stimulates the senses. This is exactly what the printers of NPN strive for with every project they work on. It all begins with thorough preparation. We listen carefully to what our client wants to achieve and determine how we can translate that into eye-catching communication. How can we draw the attention of their customers with optimal effectiveness?


Next, it’s our turn. We spend a lot of time on our printed matter because we know that this is the best way to ensure it draws attention to itself. It goes without saying that we have all the state-of-the-art equipment we need. Even more important than that, however, is the hard work of our dedicated professionals. They love what they do and enjoy nothing more than creating something that the world has never seen before. Admittedly, their ideas do not always pan out in practice, but this ambition has brought NPN Drukkers to where it stands today: at the head of the Dutch printing sector.

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NPN is one of the few printing companies in the Netherlands to still have its own lithograph. Good lithography often forms an essential aspect of a beautiful and consistent end result. Proper preparation lays the foundation for high-quality printed matter.

High-grade lithography forms the foundation for quality printed matter. Our lithograph produces true masterpieces when it comes to colours, image processing and profiles. NPN Drukkers strives to achieve optimal results by choosing the right white point, ink coverage, resolution, profile use and sharpness.


For many of our clients, our DTP studio is a valuable addition to our range of services. This is where we inspect the materials supplied to us and support our clients during this process. Our expertise helps prevent costly mistakes and further improves the end result. With the help of our creative DTP staff, we can also help you draw up creative designs for various purposes.

Download Joboptions

If you send us a PDF file that was created using our joboptions, we can immediately process this file. If you do not supply your material in the standard four colours, please contact us to discuss the right joboptions.


Printing is an old profession that is now performed in a modern way. Our printers are experts in their field and can print truly astonishing images on any type of paper with their presses. Of course, today’s printers have access to state-of-the-art equipment that helps them produce their printed matter efficiently. However, the devotion they put into their work cannot be mechanised or automated. It goes without saying that we adhere to the applicable ISO standards, yet we always strive to achieve the best possible results within the framework of these standards. NPN’s Staccato 25 grid gives even the most demanding clients the assurance that their images are printed with extreme clarity and without any loss of fine detail.


The aftercare for conventional and digital printed matter is handled by our After Press department. Enquire after the advantages and consequences of the various techniques that NPN Drukkers offers. Do you opt for a reliable, understated technique or would you prefer a solution that is more aesthetically pleasing? After all, folding, creasing, stitching, gathering, punching or embossing are sometimes easier said than done. NPN Drukkers offers the added value of flexibility and unrivalled expertise.


For NPN Drukkers, the handling or fulfilment of DM campaigns is a daily activity. Firstly, that goes for the handling of materials that are hot off the press (addressing, franking, folding and packaging) and sending them out. We also offer additional manual services such as assembly and (re)packaging. NPN offers the additional assurance of tailoring the packaging to the vulnerability of the contents. The nature and scope of a campaign are irrelevant. All that matters are a short lead time, optimal accuracy and reliable shipping.


NPN Drukkers offers its clients a fully automated system for inventory management and the delivery of all printed matter. This system guarantees the availability of common printed matter on demand. Furthermore, the client can monitor the inventory in real time via an online portal. Restocking and delivery take place based on the agreements we make. Our logistical system is set up to complete deliveries within 24 hours of reception of a request. The same goes for the client’s various branches.


High print runs reduce the costs per unit? Old adages such as this one lose their relevance over time, especially when it comes to personalised printed matter (textually and visually) and limited print runs. NPN Drukkers delivers on its promises with digital printed matter: fully customised for each individual recipient and drawn up, printed and sent quickly.

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